Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Two Personal Victories in Less than 12 Hours

Last night I REALLY did NOT want to work out. I have been having serious motivation issues lately. Maybe this will help...

However, right when I was ready to take a shower, I put my workout clothes on and got to it! Got a really good sweat out of it too! Thanks, Fitness Blender!! Their workouts save my LIFE when I don't feel like fighting the crowd at the gym.

When I arrived at work this morning, I placed my mug next to the coffee pot. I reached for my creamer in the fridge and shook it. As I reached for the cap, I stopped myself. Instead, I put hot water, honey, and a tea bag inside of my mug.

Working out (once I get into it) isn't hard for me. The hard part is eating and drinking the right things and staying on top of my vitamins and probiotics. It's a moment-to-moment decision throughout the day to make the right choices about what I put into my body. I love my body and want to treat it right. But hell, I want that friggin' slice of pizza! I want Chinese takeout! A burger with fries and lots of honey mustard! I want to eat all of the rice and pasta until my heart is content!

But... I also want to look at myself in the mirror and be proud. I know that's probably not what I should say. I know that I probably should say, "I love myself and my body. God made me the way I am supposed to be." No, honey... Nice try! :) He didn't make me chubby and slightly caffeine addicted. I did that.

I have to take responsibility for my actions.

I love myself as a whole, but I want to make some adjustments physically (and mentally). Growing into a better person than you were yesterday is a part of LIFE. It doesn't mean that you don't love who you are, it just means that you want to be a better version by tweaking the things that honestly need improvement.

Two of my weaknesses are food and coffee. I can be extremely lazy, and I have a tendency to not finish what I start. When I get to a place of complacency, I pretty much stay there. While I dream of what I could be. See? That's the error in my thinking, right there. "What I could be." Why can't it be what I'm working towards becoming? There are a lot of reasons that I could list, but after a while they become excuses.

The real reason? Fear. That's what stops me. Fear. That's what keeps me from becoming the person I dream of becoming. As I get older, the more I realize that I am running out of time and excuses. How can I teach myself not to be afraid? This quote helps...

That's a part of self-love. Knowing your weaknesses and working towards strengthening them. I want to be a better ME. Mentally, physically, and emotionally.

I love you, girl... but you are going to have to change!
It's never too late to add another new year's resolution to the list...

Day by day, step by step I am searching for the courage that I need. Some days I find it, other days I need a re-do button. I know that's part of the process. I'm getting there. Step by step.