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Review | Maybelline FIT Me Foundation Dewy & Smooth

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Hey boo! I have tested, re-tested, and tested again the new Maybelline FIT Me Dewy & Smooth foundation and I finally have a verdict for you. First of all, I have to preface this post by saying that this foundation had been sitting on my desk for about two weeks before I cracked it open. While I was out shopping for it at Target the first time, I picked up the shade 120 Classic Ivory. Under the lighting at the store it looked too light for me. But that doesn't mean much since I'm horrible at color matching myself. With that idea in my mind, I looked around to see if I could find the next shade over. Naturally, there was only this shade along with 210, 220, and the darker shades. Since I didn't want to put it back, I figured if the foundation was too light, I could just use some bronzer on the perimeter of your face to fix it. It's better to have foundation that's too light than too dark. You can always bronze up your skin or mix in a shade darker to create your color match.

A week or so later, I ran back to Target again and found the next shade up, 125 Nude Beige. I quickly ran to the cashier to pay for my new and "perfectly matched" foundation. When I ran home and put on the foundation, I noticed it was a tad too dark for me, but all was not lost. It's the perfect shade for me in the Summer. Yay! The irony in all of this was, 120 Classic Ivory had been my match the entire time! 

So, I say all of this to say, kids: 
When in doubt, test your foundation on your skin first before making a solid verdict. Test it against your neck and chest. Let it dry, too. Sometimes foundations can oxidize into a darker shade. 
If the shade is wrong, just wipe it off and return it/exchange it for a shade up or down.

Dewy & Smooth
Normal to Dry Skin
$5.69 - Target

The packaging is almost identical to the original FIT Me foundation. Although I like the square, glass packaging, this foundation does not contain a pump. You have to pour it out on to the back of your hand, directly on to brush/sponge, or foundation mixing palette (if you have one of those). This was somewhat problematic for me because the consistency of the foundation is very smooth and thin so when I poured it out the first time, I wasn't expecting it to come out so fast. Long story short, I ended up wasting a lot of the product.

Yikes! Sorry for the finger prints!

The coverage is light to medium, depending on what tool you use to apply. When I used a flat foundation brush and beauty blender, the coverage was about medium. When I used a flat top kabuki, it came out to a light -to-slightly-medium coverage. The flat top kabuki brush blended and dispersed the product too much for. My rosacea was still peeking through.

I did not find the coverage buildable. Adding a second layer made me look and feel cakey. Not a good look.

Other than that, I loved how the foundation applied. It blended beautifully into my skin. It also matched well with my FIT Me concealer in 20 Sand Sable. The foundation covered up my pores and gave me that flawless look right after I applied it.

The photo below was taken with my Galaxy S5 front-facing camera. 
No filters, in natural light.

Unfortunately, after a few hours, I noticed that the foundation didn't really set into my skin the way I'm used to my other foundations doing. As soon as I touched my face, I saw my foundation on my fingers. If I brushed up against something or gave my boo a kiss, my foundation left some sort of "present" behind. I remember pulling away from his face after a kiss and seeing my foundation on his cheek. YIKES! Even though he didn't mind, it still wasn't cute.

I also noticed that the foundation moved at the end of the day. It settled into my smile lines, dimples, lines under my eyes, and left a line on my nose. It began to cake up a little bit on parts of my face too. However, this only happened when it was warmer outside. When it was colder, the foundation held up nicely. Since this foundation is for Normal to Dry skin, I'm not really surprised at this fact. My skin type is combination, so it changes with the weather.

Overall, I enjoy this the Winter. It slides right off of my face when there's any hint of heat or humidity because of the oil in my skin. The foundation does what it claims: giving hydration, smoothness, and a natural, flawless, luminous finish. If you have normal to dry skin and you are looking for a medium coverage foundation, give this a try. If you have normal to oily skin, reach for the Maybelline FIT Me Matte & Poreless version.

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