Wednesday, June 11, 2014

What's on My Mind? | Taking Risks

If I told you about each time I've backed out of something because I was afraid, we'd be here all night. I've spent much of my life hindering myself from amazing experiences and opportunities because I was afraid.

Afraid of what? Good question. That it might work, that it won't work, that it'll hurt me, it's a "stupid decision", etc.

You don't have to search for your happily ever after. Some amazing things show up as soon as you stop looking. But if you have never experienced the joy and pride of achieving it and the heartbreak and agony of losing it when you sought it out, how would you ever know what it's truly worth and what to do with it when it shows up on it's own?

If we spent all of our time worrying about all of the negative things that could happen and allowed that to hinder us from doing and experiencing things, we'd never know the true value of anything in life. More importantly, we'd miss out on some pretty amazing people and experiences.

I'm not saying that you should be a yes-girl or a yes-man. There are some instances in life where you should say no because it's not the best thing to do.. But on the other hand, who knows what's best for you better than you?

Life is about taking risks. Taking the plunge. Allowing yourself to feel happiness, love, pain, rejection, heartbreak, fear, and sadness. Feeling these emotions reminds us that we're alive. Right here, right now. Teaching us to love harder, cherish the important things, and live in the moment...if we let it. All too often I've used my painful experiences as a guide to judging people and making decisions because I was too afraid to feel that pain and go through the same experience again.

I spent a lot of time being angry and feeling sorry for myself because it "happened to me". Instead of viewing the experience as a lesson, I viewed as a testament to my character and measure of my worth. What a waste of time that truly was... I missed out on so many great experiences and people because of this.   

So? What's on my mind?
As cliché as this is going to sound...

Take risks. Go for what you want! If you're at the bottom, there's no where to go but up... So start climbing.

Allow yourself to feel joy and love, even if it lasts for a moment. There is no greater feeling and experience in the world than loving someone.

Remember that life doesn't come with an instructions manual. If you've got to make mistakes and fall flat on your face a few times, so be it.

It's okay to be afraid, but letting it paralyze you is not okay.

Your mistakes do NOT define you. No one is don't beat yourself up just because you've made mistakes. Let them shape you and mold you into a better person.

Faith will get you through anything. If you believe in something (whether it be God or something else), you'll always find a reason to get back up again.

Sharing my lessons as I learn them...
Love ya.