Monday, April 7, 2014

Groove & Stitch

Hey there, my beauties!

I am ready for some Spring weather and temperatures, how about you?! With the Spring temperatures  coming and on the days of sunshine, I want brand new clothes, accessories with bright colors, and fun patterns! That's where Groove & Stitch come in.

Photo provided by Noel from Groove & Stitch

Groove & Stitch is an online boutique, selling beautiful, made-to-order, hand-crocheted earrings and lapel pins that are absolutely perfect for Spring. They have been featured in Halfstack Magazine and mentioned as a new Chicago favorite! Along with that, Frederick Lynn Haberdasshere in Chicago is selling Groove & Stitch lapel pins. Not bad for starting less than a year ago!

Earring colors include Hot Pink, Baby Blue, Rockin' Red, Orangy Orange, Sunny Yellow, Cute Coral, and Deep Sea Blue. Lapel pins can be solid or multi-colored. Some lapel pin solid colors include Baby Pink, Blue Gray, Black, Yellow, Green, Royal Blue, Lavender, and Red. Some multi-colored lapel pins include Peaches & Cream, Magenta & Rust, Taupe Smoke, White & Grey, and Yellow & Baby Blue. Lapel pins can be bought in sets as well. Check it out, here.

 Photos provided by Noel from Groove & Stitch

I was lucky enough to have owners, Angelica and Noel Alcantara (Aunt and Nephew), make and send me two pairs of my very own earrings in Pretty Magenta and Sea Foam Green wrapped in pretty pink tissue paper.

There is something about knowing that these earrings were hand-crocheted and made-to-order just for me that makes me feel as though my earrings are something special. I love everything about them. They are so delicate and light-weight. They can dress up any outfit and add a pop of Spring right where you need it. The little jewel right in the middle gives it that little pop of glam too! :)

If you're interested in giving these babies a try, visit the Groove & Stitch website. Follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram! If you happen to purchase your very own custom hand-crocheted earrings or lapel pins, don't forget to tell them I sent you! :)

Until we talk again ladies...

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