Friday, April 18, 2014

Drugstore Haul | Rite Aid

Hey loves!

When was the last time this girl shared a haul with you? Sheesh. It's been FOREVER! Well, I recently took a trip to Delaware to visit my mother and you KNOW I had to make a stop at her Rite Aid up the street from her house. Her Rite Aid is glorious! It is always stocked with the newest drug store makeup and beauty products. Rite Aid has some really good sales and always has coupons for beauty products. Best part? No sales tax in Delaware, EVER!

Anyways... Let's get on with the haul!

So sorry for any bad photo quality in advance.
My camera has been dead for a while now, I lost the cord for it!! :-/
Fortunately, I was able to get another one yesterday.
Gotta love Amazon Prime! Lol
Wet n Wild Makeup Brushes
Eyeshadow Brush - Reg. $.99 / Paid $.59
Powder Brush - Reg. $2.99 / Paid $1.79
Bronzing Blush Brush (Angled) - Reg. $2.99 / Paid $1.79
Foundation Brush - Reg. $.99 / Paid $.59
I have been on the hunt for these babies for a while. Ever since I saw them on Leigh Ann Says' channel a few weeks ago I knew I had to have them. Here is the haul video where she featured them. Aren't they just the cutest things? I love the bright colors. The powder and bronzing brushes are soft, but not very effective at picking up color and blending. I attempted to use the foundation brush for foundation and that didn't work out too well. However, it's great for spot concealing.
I haven't used the eyeshadow brush yet.
Let me know if you want an update on that.

Maybelline Color Tattoo 24Hr
Summer 2014 Limited Edition
115 Shimmering Sea

As I was walking by the displays, I noticed that Maybelline had a new Summer line of eyeshadows, nail polish, etc. You all know my love of the color tattoos. I have so much of them already. When I saw this on the display I thought it was so beautiful. Especially since it has that green-blue hue to it when it reflects off of the light. Unfortunately, when I swatched it I was a little bummed because of how shimmery it is. Maybe it'll look better on my eyes but I'm not too thrilled from the swatch. I also found it to be a splotchy (is that the word?). I had to blend it in to even it out.
Other than that, this is a nice addition to my collection, I just wish it wasn't so shimmery!

Jesse's Girl Eye Dust
Sunset Blvd.

The very first video I ever watched of Coffee Break with Dani was of her Sunlit Cactus Tutorial with Jesse's Girl Cosmetics. She featured the eye dust in Sunlit Cactus and I immediately fell in love with the Eye Dusts'. Check out the video here. I jumped for joy when I saw this line at the Rite Aid with fully stocked eye dusts just staring at me. This shade was the first that caught my eye and I loved how dimensional it was. It's pink with orange some slight yellow -- like a sunset! It was named perfectly. The pigment doesn't show up as good on camera, but ladies, it is a truly magical color. I have so many uses for this shade this summer. I can't wait to wear this on my vacation next month!!
I may do a look with this pigment very soon!

NYC Smooth Skin Bronzing Face Powder
Reg. $2.99 / Paid $1.99 with a NYC coupon

With this being my first ever NYC purchase (I know, bad girl), I love this bronzer!! Love, love, love. That's all I can say. I love the packaging, the design, and the price! It's in this little compact so I can take it on the go with me if I need to touch up. It has a little sponge thing in there, but I'm not sure if I'd use a sponge to apply powder bronzer. Have you done that before? The texture is smooth and the pigmentation is nice (even though you can't really see from the photo).
It's definitely a nice addition to my summer bronzers.

New Maybelline Volum'Express Mascara
Pumped Up Colassal
Glam Black

I have a special place in my heart for Maybelline Volum'Express Colassal line. It was the first line of mascara that I really loved. It did wonders for my lashes in high school! And, yet again, it has done wonders for my lashes now. I've heard lots of bad things about this mascara and I'm not sure what anyone is talking about lol. I've heard complaints about the brush and the little bubbles on the wand (not sure what that part has to do with the effectiveness of the product). Anyway, I love the wand and the effect it has on my lashes. It gives them length and volume. As you can see in the photo below it gives the illusion of thicker lashes. LOVE. No clumps, no flakes. We're good.

Ardell Lashes
Curvy 412 Black - $4.19
Corset Lashes 504 Black - $3.99
Spiky 388 Black - $4.19

 When I saw these lashes on the display...girllll...
There were so many different lashes to choose from, I couldn't decide. So what do you do in that situation? I closed my eyes and grabbed on from each line! Yep. That's the way to do it lol. It worked, though. I got some really cute, sexy, and edgy lashes. The corset lashes have to be my favorite, though. I love the criss-cross look on lashes.. It's just... ugh! I just love it so much. I can't wait to give these a try.
+1 for looks with these lashes
New Revlon Sun Candy
Sun Shower
This is so funny because I've never been a fan of the Revlon Moon Candy. Everytime I saw them on display, they just looked weird and just not for me. However, when I saw Tati from YouTube sporting this beautiful nail polish I was dying to know where she got it from. She mentioned that it was Revlon's Sun Candy in Solar Flair. Check out the video here. While I didn't find the shade she was wearing at Rite Aid, I found this beautiful light blue shade with beautiful blue sparkles. So gorgeous. My nails aren't very pretty at the moment so I can't show a swatch yet, but I promise I will soon enough. Hmmm... maybe a summer nail post???
Oh! And I was able to find the nail polish she was talking about at Target! Whoop whoop!!
Have you done any shopping recently?
What did you pick up?
Until we talk again ladies...

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